Fire Commissioners Minutes August 14, 2017


(Minutes pending approval)

August 14, 2017

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman, called the Regular Fire Commissioners meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Present: Commissioners Bogosian, Murphy and Margeson, Chief G. Francis, Assistant Chief O. Snell, Medical Officer N. White, Mechanical Engineer L. Pyke, PIO L. Francis, Secretary Murray, and Secretary-elect E. Kankaala. Treasurer-elect L. Davelaar was absent. Community members: Frank Crawford.

The minutes of July 10, 2017 were unanimously approved as corrected: the air trailer is Air 17, not 1717.

Chief Francis suggested that the department purchase laptops for the newly elected Secretary and Treasurer. Secretary Murray stated that the subject had previously been discussed and the decision was to use external hard drives so that no GIFD business was stored on personal computers. GIFD currently has two such hard drives and also backs up files in the cloud, making the purchase of laptops unnecessary.

Treasurer’s Report:

Beginning August Operating Fund, cash balance $70,773.56. Beginning August General Investment Fund, balance $11,428.51. Beginning August Capital Fund, cash balance $72,844.83. Beginning August Capital Investment Fund, balance $32,287.16. July expenditures were: Expenses & invoices $4,643.61; Payroll $2,662.00; FF stipends $1,231.00 for grand total of $8,556.61.

Commission Margeson asked how much more tax revenue we can expect to collect in 2017. The General Ledger Detail Report published by the Skagit Treasurer shows that we have $74,361.41 in taxes receivable as of July 31. There was brief discussion about the need to control spending to stay within budget. Typically, GIFD underspends its budget by a comfortable margin.

Open: None.

Chief’s Report: See separate report for a list of drills and responses. Skagit fire chiefs met with the Washington Department of Ecology for an inspection of the West Skagit Live Fire Training Center. Skagit chiefs submitted appropriate paperwork and are currently awaiting a letter of approval from DOE.

A full burn ban went into effect on August 2. During a water rescue drill on July 12, a collision occurred involving the 1717 boat trailer and a parked car. Enduris, our insurance carrier, deemed the vehicle a total loss and offered compensation to the vehicle owner.

Chief Francis proposed new SOG 121 False Fire Alarm Charges. Because fires double in size every 30 seconds, and because mutual aid can be delayed, GIFD responds to automatic fire alarms with all available personnel and equipment. Consequently, false alarms are a significant cost to the department. Previously authorized by Resolution 248 in 2007, false fire alarm charges were out of date and 30-40% lower than those set by the Washington State Association of Fire Chiefs. SOG 121 updates restitution charges for repeated responses to the same address. Commissioner Murphy moved and Commissioner Margeson seconded the adoption of SOG 121. Motion passed unanimously. This will be Resolution 380.

In the interest of safety to personnel and equipment, Chief Francis also proposed new SOG 406 Backing of Department Apparatus, which documents GIFD standards on the safe practice of backing. All volunteers have been trained to these standards but no SOG was on file. Commissioner Murphy moved and Commissioner Margeson seconded the adoption of SOG 406. Motion passed unanimously. This will be Resolution 381.

The boat trailer is currently in Bellingham for repairs to the right axle, after discovering that the wheel part of the axle is damaged. Cause is unknown but the damage was discovered on August 12 when GIFD participated in a water rescue training in Bellingham. Rescue boat 1717 is temporarily moored at Cap Sante Marina and out of service until the trailer is repaired.

Old Business: Fireworks signage – Commissioners asked when the signs would be taken down. The superstructure banner has been taken down and is in storage. Other signs will be taken down at the Chief’s discretion. One sign was damaged, possibly by contact with a passing vehicle; Chief Francis will replace it.

Procurement of land for a new station – no response was received to our letter requesting a donation of land. Commissioner Margeson will follow up and will continue to look for vacant land in appropriate locations.

The commissioners reviewed the invoices from July 8 to August 11, 2017 and approved invoices in the amount of $4,643.61 and payroll of $2,662.

The next regular meeting will be September 11, 2017, at 7 PM in the Fire Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm.

Submitted by

Diane Murray, Secretary


Skagit County Fire District 17

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman

Chief's Report July 2017

GIFD Budget Report August 2017