Fire Commissioners Minutes July 10, 2017


(Minutes pending approval)

July 10, 2017

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman, called the Regular Fire Commissioners meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Present:  Commissioners Bogosian, Murphy and Margeson, Assistant Chief O. Snell, Medical Officer N. White, and Secretary Murray. Community members:  Frank Crawford and Howard Pellett.

The minutes of June 12, 2017 were unanimously approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report:  Beginning July Operating Fund cash was $84,960.00. Beginning July General Investment Fund was $11,419.75. Beginning July Capital Fund cash was $72,844.83. Beginning July Capital Investment Fund balance was $32,262.42. June expenses were $12,555.71 and payroll $4,108 for a total of $16,663.71. That total combined with $2002 in firefighter stipends brought the final June expenditures to $18,665.71.

The Washington State Auditor is conducting an audit of our 2015 and 2016 Annual Reports. Secretary Murray is working with the Auditor to answer questions and will report on results when the examination is complete.

Commissioner Murphy moved and Commissioner Margeson seconded a motion to compensate salaried staff for extra time and effort over and above their usual duties. Motion passed unanimously. This will be Resolution 378.

Open:  Howard thanked GIFD for cooperation in keeping a lid on fireworks during this summer season. He praised the signage and placement but noted that some island residents still used fireworks. To some it seemed there were fewer incidents but others felt that the fireworks, although fewer, were bigger in “boom” effect. Howard reported that some GIPOA members walked the ferry line encouraging residents and visitors to avoid fireworks. They experienced a mostly agreeable response. Commissioner Murphy had spoken to Ferry Manager Rowe about keeping the banner up for at least a week after Fourth of July. He thanked GIPOA for focusing attention on this issue. Commissioner Murphy also thanked the Skagit Public Works and Ferry Manager Rowe for cooperation and assistance. They helped measure, install the banner on ferry superstructure, and lent crucial support to a sensitive issue. Frank investigated statutory guidelines for Washington police and sheriff departments. He reported that fireworks exploding on the ground are legal. Fireworks that explode in the air are illegal.

Chief’s Report:  See separate report for a list of drills and responses. GIFD responded to a repeat false alarm of an automatic fire alarm system. Concerns are wear and tear on the fire apparatus by needless responses as well as tying up personnel and apparatus while a real emergency could occur elsewhere on Guemes. Repeat false alarms can incur penalties in the form of fines; the faulty alarm system has been repaired, according to the homeowner. Work is progressing on remedial improvements at the West Skagit Live Fire Training Center, primarily to the concrete containment. In anticipation of project completion, four GIFD personnel will participate in a “Train the Trainer” exercise later this month. The concrete pad for Air Trailer 1717 is complete. Thank you to Mechanical Engineer L. Pyke for overseeing the project and to the many volunteers who helped. Commissioner Bogosian strongly recommended that the trailer be covered against rain to prevent leaks and damage to the trailer.

Old Business:  With regard to the Treasurer/Secretary position, Commissioner Bogosian consulted with two Island Hospital HR specialists (including one attorney) who advised that as long as candidates have no objections, the previously advertised Secretary position can be split without need to re-post and accept new applications. Both candidates agreed. Commissioner Bogosian moved and Commissioner Margeson seconded the following: 

(1) Offer to Eric Kankaala the position of Fire Department Secretary and Media Director with duties directed by the Fire Commissioners and Fire Chief.

(2) Offer to Linda Davelaar the position of Fire Department Treasurer to assume the current treasurer duties and additional duties as directed by the Fire Commissioners and Fire Chief.

If accepted, the compensation for each job is $20 per hour not to exceed 25 hours per month during an initial training period of three months. At the end of three months training and after an additional 90-day period, there will be a general review of job responsibilities, hours and salary. Job is effective on the date the offer is accepted. Motion passed unanimously. This will be Resolution 379.

New Business: None. Additional discussion: Frank noted that by using online resources of the International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) the members of GIFD could have access to a vast library of free training videos. Assistant Chief Snell said that we already di that and GIFD has archived many training videos for use by personel.

The Commissioners reviewed invoices from June 9 to July 7, 2017 and approved in voices in the amount of $12,555.71 and payroll of $4,108 for total of $16,663.71.

The next regular meeting will be August 14, 2017, at 7PM in the Fire Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Submitted by

Diane Murray, Secretary


Skagit County Fire District 17

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman

Chief's Report June 2017

GIFD Budget Report July 2017