Islander Jon Petrich Runs For Port Commission

Why does Guemes vote for Port?  We don't vote for Mayor or City Counsel.
- Port districts are very unique. They are a public entity that was originally designed to protect local communities from monopolization efforts by the railroads. The people of certain areas vote as to whether or not they want a port district. In 1926 the Port of Anacortes was formed, by a vote of the people, and it covers Samish Island, Bay View, all of Fidalgo Island (including Shelter Bay and the Swinomish Reservation), Guemes, Cypress and Sinclair Islands. Many people outside of Anacortes city limits do not realize that they are part of the port district. A portion of our property taxes go to the Port and therefore we get to vote to elect representatives. 

How does Port affect Guemes specifically? Taxes?
- As stated above, a portion of our property taxes goes to the Port. In 2017 that number is $0.10 on every $1,000 of valuation. Therefore, if you owned a property that had a tax value of $300,000, you would be paying $30/year in property taxes to the port. We are one of the lowest taxed port districts in the state. Beyond that, the most direct way that we are affected by the port is in their environmental impact; I will speak to this below.
 How does the Port benefit Guemes specifically?
- We are benefited in tangible and less tangible ways by the port. Some of the more tangible ways are through their environmental projects. The port has spearheaded many environmental cleanup projects in our area (not Guemes specifically, but right across the channel). These have been in the form of remediation projects. Contaminated soils have been extracted, the dilapidated Wymans Marina was removed, and upland site cleanups have been accomplished. Part of the Port of Anacortes’ mission is to foster economic development - they have a very positive impact on the local economy. Residents of Guemes Island are able to find good marine related jobs just across the channel and use that money to pay their mortgages or rents here; and/or spend some of their discretionary income at the store or supporting local crafts.
What is the advantage or disadvantage of having one of our own on Commission?
- As the community is concerned, I only see a positive to having an “islander” on the Commission. This will be a very rare opportunity for our island to have a representative of this position. Someone who knows and cares about this island, as it is my home also. I will always be willing to have a conversation on the ferry about an idea or a concern and will take it to heart. We have been paying taxes to the port since 1926 and I am not aware of a representative from here making our voices heard, at least not anytime in recent history.
Will there be a "meet and greet" on Guemes?
- Saturday, July 15th 5pm at the Hall! We will be hosting the campaign kickoff party there. Please invite as many people as you can. This will be a catered event and an opportunity to introduce myself to those that do not know me and say hello to those that do. We will be asking for financial support and volunteers for the campaign. As mentioned in an earlier email, this event will be posted to Linetime. I hope to see you there!

The Anacortes Chamber of Commerce Interview With Jon Petrich

Jon Petrich Campaign Kick-Off Fundraiser

Campaign Contact Info:
Elect Jon Petrich For Port
PO Box 3022
Anacortes, WA 98221