Fire Commissioners Minutes June 12, 2017


(Minutes pending approval)

June 12, 2017

In the absence of Chairman Bogosian, Commissioner Tom Murphy called the Regular Fire Commissioners meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Present:  Commissioners Murphy and Margeson, Chief G. Francis, Assistant Chief O. Snell, Mechanical Engineer L. Pyke, PIO L. Francis and Secretary Murray. Community members:  Frank Crawford and Howard Pellett.

The minutes of May 8, 2017 were unanimously approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Beginning June Operating Fund cash balance was $96,889.53; beginning June General Investment Fund balance was $11,411.75; beginning June Capital Fund cash balance was $37,532.75; beginning June Capital Investment Fund balance was $67,536.43.

Invoices for May were $7,229.01 and payroll $3,772, totaling $11,001.01. Firefighter Stipends (responses, meetings, and trainings) were $2,035 for a grand total of $13,036.01 in expense.

In reply to Commission Bogosian’s question at the May meeting about tax revenues, Secretary Murray reported that less than half of tax revenue is collected by April 30, based on District records from 2014-2017.

Our 18-month CD has matured and the monies were placed in the general cash account. Secretary Murray gave Commissioners a list prepared by the Skagit County Investment Officer showing various options for investment. Commissioner Murphy asked that discussion of investments be placed on the agenda for the July meeting.

Open:  Larry Pyke asked why no one had been chosen for the Secretary position when the April minutes stated that two strong candidates had applied; and the May minutes stated that a decision would be made soon. Mr. Pyke said it was a disservice to both candidates to delay action. Commissioner Margeson said that an Executive Session regarding a personnel issue was held on May 31 and lasted 15 minutes. Commissioners considered splitting the position but no action was taken. It was pointed out that Commissioners must first make their decision based on the job as it was posted. Commissioners felt the final decision needed the presence of all three Commissioners. Due to Commissioner Bogosian’s absence, Commissioner Margeson moved and Commissioner Murphy seconded to schedule a public meeting in the week of June 26 (exact date to be determined and posted). At that meeting, Commissioners will either select a Secretary based on the posted job description or decide to split the position and re-post. Motion passed.

Howard Pellett was happy to observe that the fireworks signs are ready and suggested they be installed as soon as possible so that people don’t spend a lot of money on fireworks. Commissioner Margeson noted that four signs are done and two more will be added. GIFD volunteers will install them. Howard asked when the banner would appear at the ferry dock. Commissioner Murphy will ask Rachel Rowe to hang the banner by June 20 if possible; county staff will hang it. Howard said that he and other volunteers will work the ferry line to promote “no fireworks” on Guemes.

Chief’s Report:  See separate report for a list of drills and responses. The West Skagit Live Fire Training Center is not yet fully operational. Firefighters can train but not burn there until mitigation is complete. District 13 took the lead in getting repair work done. As soon as the Department of Ecology and Skagit County approve it, GIFD will pay its share of mitigation costs.

The Skagit County Board of Commissioners requested input from GIFD regarding 2018-2023 Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) update. They requested “an inventory of existing capital facilities owned by [our] agency, showing the locations and capacities of the capital facilities; and a forecast of future needs for such capital facilities through the year 2023.” Chief Francis responded with a current inventory including our new Air Trailer valued at $28,000 and described future needs as (1) new fire station on Guemes Island, address unknown, value $800,000 plus; and (2) truck/pumper to replace 1712; year unknown; value up to $200,000. Discussion followed about acquiring a parcel of land for a new fire station and options for financing such a large project. Friends of GIFD may be able to help with grant writing.

Old Business:  Fireworks signage covered in earlier discussions.

New Business: Tabled until the special meeting in the week of June 26, to be announced.

The Commissioners reviewed invoices from May 5 to June 9, 2017 and approved invoices in the amount of $7,229.01 and payroll $3,772 for a total of $11,001.01. 

The next regular meeting will be July 10, 2017, at 7 PM in the Fire Hall.

The meeting adjourned at 7:46 pm.

Submitted by

Diane Murray, Secretary         


Skagit County Fire District 17

Commissioner Chip Bogosian, Chairman

Chief's Report May 2017

GIFD Budget Report June 2017