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Community Center Minutes for April 20, 2017

Guemes Island Community Center Association

Meeting Minutes April 20, 2017

The GICCA Board Meeting was called to order by Sukki Herman at 7:03 p.m.

Board Members present: Sukki Herman - President, Barb Ohms - Vice President, Deb Strathman - Trustee, Loalynda Bird - Trustee, Rob Schroder - Trustee

Board Members absent: Sarah Sibley – Secretary, Marietta Harrigan – Treasurer

Approval of Minutes

A motion was made to approve the minutes from March 16, 2017.

It was moved by Sukki Herman and seconded by Deb Strathman.

The motion passed unanimously.


  • Treasurer’s Report

Barb Ohms provided the Treasurer’s Report on behalf of Marietta Harrigan.

GICCA Treasurer’s Report for April


March 1 thru 31, 2017

Checking Account Beginning Balance (Including Special Funds)

Beginning Balance






Ending Balance


Other Accounts

Washington Federal CD


Savings-Skagit Bank


Special Fund Accounts











Special Funds Total


Checking (Minus Special Funds)


Barb informed the attendees that the CD at Washington Federal matured on April 13, 2017 at a value of $12,343.44; these funds have been moved into a savings account at Washington Federal for now.

Marietta has been working with the CPA to audit the treasurer records and to prepare the GICCA Non-profit Income form (990)..Payment of GICCA property taxes is pending.

Luminary Parade

Loalynda Bird reported that approximately 50 people participated in the luminary workshops in March and April. Expenses of $872.52 were covered by income of $875 from workshop fees. Big credit to - both Loalynda and Barb for many hours of support for the workshops. Great fun was had by participants young and older!

Loalynda provided attendees with details of the parade meeting place and time, parade route, etc. These details are also posted on the What’s Up Guemes Facebook page.

Easter Festivities

Sarah Sibley organized the Easter egg dying and egg hunt at Schoolhouse Park. The weather cooperated and much fun was had by all!!


GroundFloor Guemes Update

Edie Clark gave an update from the Ground Floor Guemes meetings held on Tuesday March 21 and Tuesday, April 18.

    • Earth Day Island Cleanup - Saturday, April 22, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This is a collaborative effort between island volunteers and Skagit County Public Works, who are providing support.

    • Strawberry Social – Father’s Day, June 18 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The Historical Society will provide a display of photos of island fathers and children. Tom Deach encouraged attendees to spread the word to bring photos to post. Tom will collect and return. Music by local ukulele players will add to the fun. Benefits from this year’s event will go to the Ferry Trail Committee, who will be present with information, T-shirts, etc.


    • Barb Ohms reported that Gail Nicholls has done a tremendous amount of work over the years to head up this effort. Neighborhood leader lists are being revised; some neighborhoods are being restructured (ex: Section Ave) from a CERT perspective to ensure more responsiveness and efficiency in the event of an emergency. The lists are almost complete and will be published on LineTime and the new GICCA website ( Gail will be transitioning CERT responsibilities to Barb over time.

GICCA Technology Team Update

    • Deb Strathman reported that islanders are visiting the new GICCA website landing page at and interacting with us in multiple ways – very exciting! We have received several messages about participation in island cleanup, photos for the site have been submitted through the landing page, and many have used the “Contact Us” link to provide very supportive comments. Deb shared a sampling of these comments with attendees:

      • Thank you for your time and dedication to our community!

      • Excited for a community calendar. I missed so many great events this weekend! Thanks for putting this together. I <3 myguemes

      • Your energy & efforts keep the heart of our community beating!

      • As a long time islander who had to leave for family reasons I wanted to thank you all for bringing energy and ideas to the community. SO glad you are setting up your own site

      • looking forward to your news.

      • Love the site, but maybe a new picture with the new paint job would be more up to date.

      • Congratulations on a good-looking site and a great idea.

    • Deb and Barb talked about the various calendar formats that will be available on the website, including a printable PDF calendar like the Tide used to provide.

    • The new website is nearing completion; it is currently in the review cycle by the Board.

    • Deb encouraged attendees to make sure they visit the landing page and subscribe to our mailing list so they will be the first to receive announcements!

Stage Project Update

Sukki provided a “Stage Project Update” handout to attendees including the breakdown of the remaining work to be done on the stage into Phase I and Phase II as well as references to relevant sections of the Bylaws regarding costs exceeding $10,000 and project ownership.

The goal of breaking the project into Phases and assigning Rob Schroeder as Project Manager is to move stage progress forward and to be able to deliver the stage to the many donors who have every right to expect a timely completion so the community can begin to enjoy this new asset.

Discussion ensued regarding volunteer engagement. Mike Gwost expressed that the Board was not including the “stage committee” and volunteers who designed the stage in discussions, plans, stage completion activities, and expenditures. Barb Ohms stated that the original estimate for the cost of the stage in 2010 was $13,000 and we have far exceeded this amount already and the stage is still not complete. Sukki Herman stated that stage monies are kept in a separate “Stage” account and are spent at the behest of volunteers once approved by the Board; so the statement that the Board was not supporting the volunteers or including them in stage activities was not accurate. Kathleen Phillips reminded other attendees that it is important that purchases be carefully controlled by the Board, per the Bylaws or we could lose our 501(c)3 status.

Sukki stated that the Board was not aware of any formal, active “stage committee’. In fact, no documentation can be found about the formation of a “stage committee.” The current Board has asked this “committee” to come forth and no one has. Norm Pruitt stated that there was an original group of volunteers who decided to work together on the stage and the then-Board required that this group be organized as a committee. Mark Linneman was the original Project Manager, per Julie Pingree. Several names were mentioned as belonging to this original committee including, Mike Gwost. Norm Pruitt, Mark Linneman, Jerry Felix, Bill Warmouth, Harry Finks, Robert Olson -  however, there was some disagreement on who actually comprised this committee.

Julie Pingree moved that the previous “stage committee” be disbanded and that Rob Schroder (Project Manager) organize the volunteers to get the stage completed. Bea Cashetta amended the motion to include that anyone volunteering to work on the stage must sign a waiver, which includes implied acceptance of Rob as the Project Manager. Loalynda Bird seconded the motion. Motion was approved.

Don Bird stated that there are a lot of emotions involved with the stage because of the amount of time, effort, blood, sweat, etc. The Board is just trying to get the stage completed; not trying to devalue the volunteers. The best way to get the stage done is to get the volunteers organized under Rob and everyone on the same page. Rob will be the sole point person to the volunteers.

Rob Schroder responded to Bill Clark that Phase I will still be done, mostly, by volunteers. Sukki stated that volunteers will also be engaged on Phase II, depending on insurance liability criteria. Per Barb, volunteers must sign a liability waiver and be willing to take direction from Rob since the Board owns the stage property and, hence, the stage project.

Sukki reported that a generous island donor has come forward to pay for the roof – with the condition that it be done by a licensed roofing contractor approved by the donor. The Board will be getting bids for this work. Mike Gwost reminded the Board that materials have already been purchased for the roof. Mike Beelner stated that there needs to be an inventory taken of materials on the stage property, including any roofing material. This will help us get an accurate estimate from a roofing contractor.

Rob reported that he and Mike Gwost are harvesting timber from Yadi Young’s property for part of the floor. Fasteners still need to be made (cost TBD). Mike has a wood finishing product that will be used. They have started milling the log for the main beam for the floor. There is an issue with the sawmill at the moment, Once the beam is completed and in place, the flooring process will pick up.

Rob took the stage plans to an architect to get an outside opinion about ways to simplify the design and reduce costs.

We will work with a professional sound system design volunteer to ensure a quality sound plan.

Michael Brown asked Rob for an estimated completion date for Phase 1. Rob’s best estimate was “the end of this summer.”

Norm Pruitt thanked Rob for his willingness to take the lead on the stage project. Norm asked for detailed listing of stage inflows/outflows. He has been working with Marietta. Discussion ensued. Audience asked that we move on with the agenda. Barb asked Norm to meet with she and Sukki after the meeting.


GrantStation (Grant Exploration Committee)

Sukki – This application was brought to Board’s attention by Rob Schroder and Wendell Phillips. It is a tool used by Community Centers to seek out grant money – operational expenses,, expansion costs, etc. Sukki asked if anyone was interested in using this tool to explore options for GICCA funding. Marietta told Sukki she would be interested, Tom Deach said he will ask the Second Century Vision Committee if they’d like to participate. Kathleen Phillips said she would help as well.

Talent Show

Sukki talked to Nancy Larsen, who was involved in the talent show for a number of years, about what was involved in putting this event together. Julie Pingree and Kathleen Phillips did it last year (in May) and it involved seeking out raffle gifts and talent, marketing activities, selling raffle tickets, etc. Good fund-raiser for Hall - made about $700 last year. This could be done later in the year – nothing sacred about May.

New Phone Books

Carol Pellett mentioned that the new phone books are now available at the library ($5.00). GIPOA led this effort this year (Church did it in prior years). This is a lot of work and may not happen in the future. She asked the Board if they might want to take this over. Barb stated that she would work with Carol to explore this option.

July 4 Fireworks

Edie Clark mentioned that the Board has stated previously that they support the fireworks ban on Guemes Island. Edie felt that part of the problem with illegal fireworks is that the ferry schedule does not allow islanders to attend fireworks displays/shows in Anacortes. She asked if GICCA might want to explore paying for a special ferry run and charging islanders to ride – maybe a fundraiser for GICCA? Board would need to explore this and figure out logistics.

July 4th Car Show

Wendell Phillips asked if GICCA is still interested in having the car show as part of 4th of July festivities. The Board was definitely in favor so Wendell will organize again for this year.


  • The meeting was adjourned at 8:35


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