Notice of Decision, Mary Diane Kneeland, 4/13/17


File # PL17-0036
Mary Diane Kneeland

Notice is hereby given that on April 13, 2017 the Skagit County Planning & Development Services approved the Reasonable Use Exception Application, with noted conditions, PL17-0036, submitted by Mary Diane Kneeland to allow residential development on Parcel P65761. The subject property is approximately .27 acres in size and is located within the Rural Intermediate (RI) Zoning/Comprehensive Plan designated area as identified within the Skagit County Comprehensive Plan and associated maps as adopted July 24, 2000 and as thereafter amended.  The minimum lot size in the Rural Intermediate designation is 2.5 acres. Thus the subject property is considered substandard in size to the Rural Intermediate zoning designation.  Pursuant to Skagit County Code (SCC) 14.16.850(4)(f), under certain circumstances a Reasonable Use Exception is required for development on a substandard parcel.  

The application was deemed complete on February 28, 2017 and the Notice of Development was published on March 9, 2017.

The subject property is described as Lot 31, Block 2, Plat of Holiday Hideaway # 1; recorded in Vol. 8 of Plats, Pgs. 36-42, August 6, 1962; AF 625483; located in a Ptn of the NW ¼ of Section 8, Township 35, Range 2 E., W.M.  The subject property is identified as Parcel P65761.

Pursuant to Skagit County Code 14.06.200, the Notice of Decision shall be forwarded to parties of record, the applicant and other applicable parties of interest.

The applicant and/or a party of record may appeal the decision of the Skagit County Planning & Development Services to the Skagit County Hearing Examiner pursuant to the provisions of Section 14.06.110(7).   Parties with standing to appeal must submit the appeal form and appeal fees to the Skagit County Planning & Development Services within 14 calendar days of the date of decision pursuant to SCC 14.06.110.

Date of Decision:  April 13, 2017
Appeals must be submitted by:  April 27, 2017
Transmitted to the Skagit Valley Herald:  April 18, 2017
Please publish:   April 20, 2017

Grace Roeder, Senior Planner
Skagit County Planning & Development Services
1800 Continental Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273
(360) 416-1320/(360) 416-1332


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