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GIPAC: Draft Minutes for April 3, 2017 Meeting

Draft Minutes for April 3, 2017

Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee


Meeting was called to order by Hal Rooks at 6:35 pm.  Present were members Patty Rose, Stella Spring, Nancy Fox, Allen Bush, Hal Rooks and Michael Brown.  Guests were Edith Walden and Tom Deach.

A motion was made by Michael Brown and seconded by Stella Spring to approve the minutes from the March 6, 2017 minutes.  It was approved by voice vote.

Treasurer’s report – Michael Brown reported there was $2,832.03 in the GIPAC account with .24 cents in income and $10,499.49 in the Roz Glaser bequest account with $3.93 in income for the 1st quarter.

Discussion for the presentations at the Planning Commission meeting of 4-4-17 concerning CaRDS.

               Hal Rooks presented to the board his comments to the Commission and asked for input.  It was agreed unanimously that it summed up concisely our support for code amendment P-7 (Permanent Protection of Open Space in CaRDS) with the intention of coming back to the Commission next year with language that tightens up what would be allowed in those open space designations.  A motion was made by Nancy Fox and seconded by Michael Brown to accept his comments as official GIPAC testimony.

Discussion of the Shoreline Master Plan Progress

Nancy Fox updated the board as to the Shoreline Master Plan status with the county:

Map issues – GIPAC agreed to accept the county’s map designation recommended changes.

Shoreline setbacks – It was agreed that GIPAC had concerns with the current county proposal on shoreline setbacks.  Of particular concern are the granting of 50% reductions in setbacks upon an administrative variance review and the dropping of a standard that allows for averaging the location of neighboring houses when establishing the required setback of a property.   Allen Bush agreed to work up a proposal addressing GIPAC’s concerns.

Accessory uses – The county  agreed to GIPAC’s proposal of limiting accessory building at 15’ in height, but did not support the requirement that such buildings be located landward of the primary building.  GIPAC will stand down on this issue.

Mining and aquaculture – GIPAC understands that the state reserves the right to determine aquaculture projects.  Mining in the shoreline is not currently an issue.

Vegetation Conservation Areas- it was agreed that while the current SMP language is pretty vague on this, GIPAC will over time continue to press for tighter language and protection of tree cutting on bluffs.

Shoreline Protection – Proposed SMP language says hard structural stabilization is allowed only to protect an existing building from imminent threat and only after consideration of all alternatives.  GIPAC feels this is pretty close to the Sub Area Plan position, and not worth adding additional language.

Bylaws Revisions - Hal Rooks will send out to board members possible minor changes to GIPAC bylaws, and some alternative language options concerning liability and indemnification issues.

Planning Commission Tour – Board members will review Allen Bush’s information packet from the last visit by the commission to see if any edits/changes need to be made.  Board will submit possible dates for this tour.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm


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