Notice of Decision, Rodger Ricks, 12-23-16



Administrative setback variance

File # PL16-0396 Ricks


Notice is hereby given that on December 23, 2016 Skagit County approved an application submitted by Rodger Ricks for an Administrative Setback Variance (PL16-0396). The application requested a reduction of the front- yard setback from the west side of West Shore Road from the standard 35- feet down to 20- feet to allow for the construction of a 663 square foot garage/Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). Following review of this application it was determined that the proposal did not impact public health, safety and welfare.


The proposed project is located at 6106 West Shore Road, Skagit County, WA; located within the a portion of Section 02, Township 35 North, Range 01 East, W.M., Skagit County, WA. P65521.


The application was deemed complete as of August 30, 2016.  The Notice of Development was published and posted on the property on September 1, 2016.


Pursuant to Skagit County Code 14.06.200, the Notice of Decision shall be forwarded to parties of record, the applicant and other applicable parties of interest. 


The applicant and/or a party of record may appeal the decision of the Administrative Official to the Skagit County Hearing Examiner pursuant to the provisions of Section 14.06.110(7).   Parties with standing to appeal must submit the appeal form and appeal fees to the Planning and Development Services within 14 calendar days of the date of this decision pursuant to SCC 14.06.110. 


Appeals must be submitted by:             January 6, 2016

Transmitted to the Skagit Valley Herald:        December 27, 2016

Please publish:                       December 29, 2016


Annie Matsumoto-Grah

Associate Planner

Skagit County Planning and Development Services

1800 Continental Place 

Mount Vernon, WA 98273


(360) 416-1349

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