Unapproved Community Center Minutes for September 17, 2015

Unnaproved Guemes Island Community Center Association Meeting

September 17, 2015


Council attendees:  Rob Schroder, Kelly Bush, Kathleen Phillips, Jon Petrich, Norm Prewitt, Julie Pingree, Lynne Myall absent.


Members present:  Edith Walden, Carol Pellett, Emma Schroder, Michael Brown, Mike Gwost


Meeting called to order by Kathleen Phillips, president, at 7:07pm


Appreciation to:  All volunteers for the two Hot Dog Sales, July 4 & Fall Festival

Wendell Phillips for coordinating the “First 4th of July Car Show” and to the


Yadi Young, Dick Iverson, and Harriette Peebles for their displays at the Hall honoring veterans

Anne Casperson, Adelyn, Kean, Stephanie Buss, and Julie Pingree for painting the bumpers




"The Black & White Dinner is being held on Oct 17,2015 and is sold out.

The new card tables have been received.  The better old ones will be kept in storage, the others will be recycled into the community. The tables will be labeled “GICCA”

The donated popcorn machine has been repaired by Kit Harma and Rob Schroder.  The donation of the machine was made by Joanne Nashem who donate money toward the repair.


Mike Gwost announced the Woodchopper Ball will be November 28, 2015


 Treasurers report was reviewed and attached.


Minutes from the April 16,2 015 and May 21, 2015 minutes were approved.  They will be posted on Linetime.org


Trustees Report:  Rob reported the trustees and others have removed the cabinets from under the window making more space.  Two new BBQs have been purchased.  The popcorn machine has been repaired. 


Stage project:  Michael Brown and Kathleen reviewing the project.  The building permit expires 10/2/15.  Michael spoke with Cynthia at the building permit office learning the permit can be extended.  There was discussion regarding Mike Gwost purchasing materials without running it by Michael B.  It was decided Mike should contact Michael prior to purchasing materials whenever possible.  Mike got a “deal” on lumber which has been delivered to the building site.

Mike stated there needs to be another cement pour, preservative applied, purchase of tarpaper, metal roofing and additional supplies.  The preservative will be applied to the wood and stored in the pavilion. Mike will check with Sandy Warmouth to make sure it is available.

Mike said there will be a “rebar bending party”.  Any questions should be directed to Mike Gwost or Michael Brown.  Michael thank everyone for the generous donations toward the project.


Groundfloor group plans to work on water usage information projects with GIPOA.  They are working on having the DIGS Food Truck coming to the Hall monthly.  They are investigating options for matching volunteers with jobs for island organizations.


The group reviewing the possibility of expanding the Hall met with Cynthia Richardson.

Cynthia presented a plan for consideration.  The various groups are reviewing and considering the presentation.  Each group will consider their unique needs.  Rob has purchase a CAD program to help.


Rob would like to have movie/popcorn nights at the Hall.  Edith reported a permit/license is needed.  If the Library purchased the permit the cost is approximately $266.  If the Hall does so, the cost will be approximately $500.  Carol Pellett will present it to the Library Board.  Rob said he would donate the same amount of the fee to the library if they approve the expense.


There was decision of the need of an emergency generator as the Hall is the Islands emergency shelter.  Rob and the others will work on the project.


Kelly received a call from the State Liquor Control Board, based on a “tip” they received regarding the event being held on 9/19/15.  They told us that the “renter” does not have a permit.  There was discussion regarding allowing alcohol use at the Hall.  It is not allowed without a permit.  Kelly and Kathleen have made posters stating “no alcohol allowed” to be posted before the Saturday event at the Hall.  Kathleen added a line to the Use Agreement stating no alcohol in the Hall or on the property without a proper permit.  


It was decided by all board members present to purchase insurance to cover the board members in the case of liability exposure. The cost is approximately $686.00 per year.

The motion is to have board members insurance for one year make by Kelly, seconded by Rob.

Kathleen, Julie, Kelly, Norm, Jon, Rob, and Kelly voting “yes”, there were no “no” votes.


Nominations for the three expiring Council seats are open.  Jon, Norm, and Lynne’s positons are up for re-election.  The nominations can be sent to Julie or Kathleen with the permission of the person being nominated.  They will be accepted at the October meeting and voted on at the November meeting. The term is two years.


GICCA and GICC received a letter from Friendly Corporation (Anderson’s Store) regarding the easement to the beach.  Norm presented a reply affirming the name of the group and the granting of the easement.  It was decided that Norm would review the letter with Gary Curtis who wrote the Church’s letter and send it to the Friendly Corporation’s attorney.  Norm will do this.



Jon suggested there be a “clean-up” of garbage cans as there is often stuff in all of the many cans.  It was decided to store all but the recycling can and a couple garbage cans under the building.


We will clean the refrigerator as groups using the Hall tend to leave stuff.


Julie and Lynne have been working on revising the By-laws.  Julie handed out copies of the 1st revisions asking for review and comments.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.


Submitted by:



Julie Pingree



Addendum:  We received a request from Kelly Bush for a donation of $100 to the Island Halloween Party which was approved.


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