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CERT Household Preparedness

Guemes Island CERT is a community emergency response team of volunteers who will, upon request of the fire chief, assist the Guemes Island Volunteer Fire Department in responding to emergencies on the island.  Because of our remote location and relatively small population, all Guemes Island households should keep on hand supplies to be self-sufficient for at least two weeks. 

How Should You Prepare?

1.  Read Red Cross or FEMA disaster preparedness booklets and follow their suggestions.   If you don't have one please call Barb Ohms 303-521-9094 (cell) or Gail Nicolls 360-293-9540.

2.  Keep on hand food, water, prescription and other medications, and other supplies to be self-sufficient for up to two weeks.

3.  If you don't already know your neighborhood leader, become acquainted with him/her. Neighborhood leader list is avalable at myguemes

4.  Fill out the Guemes Household Questionnaire and give it to your neighborhood leader.  If you don't have a questionnaire, you can print one at myguemes, get one from your neighborhood leader, or call Barb Ohms 303-521-9094 (cell) or 360-298-1885.  Know the location of the nearest emergency communication radio which will operate when phone service is lost. Map is available at myguemes.

During an Emergency

1.  After taking care of his/her own household, your neighborhood leader will check each household in his/her assigned area.  If you don't need assistance, signal by tying a white cloth to your mailbox or, if that isn't possible, to your front doorknob.

2.  Don't touch phone or power lines that are down.  Only utilities personnel should repair them.  Touching them could endanger your life or the life of a lineman.

3.  If you use a power generator, make sure that you are not sending electricity out onto the grid which could endanger the lives of linemen.

4.  If you need shelter, your neighborhood leader will try to place you in a neighborhood household if possible.  If that is not possible, the community hall and church will serve as shelters.

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