Storm Shifts Shorelines

It didn’t take long for Mother Nature to knock out all power to Guemes Island. It took Puget Sound Energy 15 hours to restore it. Phone lines and cable lines were out as long or longer. No internet service. We were truly an island.

Beginning early Saturday morning and continuing throughout most of the day high tides and strong winds took back part of the shoreline all around the island. Tidewater became a no way street. Logs and debris washed ashore blocking off access to the parking lot from Tidewater:

Dinghy’s and picnic tables at Cooks Cove were floating upside down amidst driftwood logs. The boat ramp there is now clear though. Cook's Cove before and after:

Trees fell onto roadways carrying dead power lines with them. The island was dark and quiet well into evening, except for the hum of a few generators. Some areas are without power still Sunday morning.

The Community Emergency Response Team{CERT} was called into action by Guemes Island Fire Department. with only emergency radio communication available to many most of the day. Neighbors checked on neighbors to make sure all was well.

Ferry service was delayed for a couple of hours during high tide. Ferry crews turned the boat around for most of the remainder of the day to provide ramp access to the ship's electrical generator.

With most of the island back on the grid Sunday, clean up is progressing. Standing water is receding. Yards and roadways are drying out. [Flooding along North Beach and West Shore. (Below) ]The ferry is on regular schedule.

Photos: Tim Wittman

Without the wind the high tides are a minimal threat. We’ve weathered another storm.

>-MJ Andrak

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