Murray Read Pavilion Dedication

After years of dedicated work by many in the community, Glen Veal dedicated the Murray Read Pavilion and unveiled a plaque* bearing a likeness of Murray. The inscription reads:

Murray Read was from Indiana and bought property on Guemes Island in 1947. Murray was a regular Summer resident until moving permanently in 1975. A carpenter by trade, Murray eagerly volunteered to help community organizations and individuals with numerous construction and renovation projects, including the completion of the adjoining ball field.

This structure was built with donations of materials, labor and money by all those in the community who wanted to express their appreciation for the help Murray gave and for the spirit of volunteerism he exemplified.

In his remarks Glen thanked Mike Gwost for the engineering and construction, Paula Peterson and Sandy Warmouth for their early fund-raisers, Kit Marcinko for the plaque design, the Canady family for the fill and Hubert Adams and Vern Parker for the donation of their time and trucks to haul fill from the Canady excavation. He acknowledged the contributions of Sean Hewitt, Franz Fellner and Jeff Bosch for milling logs donated by Jim Kager, Art Kager, Jay Simac, Arn Veal and Felix Edmunds. He also thanked Dave Davelaar for lending specialized construction tools and Win Anderson. Pat Murray, Steve Schmokel, Arn Veal, Butch Kreiger, Fred Wintermantel, Jeff Allen, Bob Easton, Bill Nelson, Art Hyatt, Vicotr Garcia, Steve Orsini, Larry Verbano, Carl Cady, Jay Smith, Mike Jackets and Tom Churchill all helped build the Pavilion.

In the top right photo, Jane Read and Murray's sister, Sally Johnson, read the inscription while Glen holds the mike.

Plaque design, manufactured and donated by the Anacortes Brass Works.

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