Coyote Stories

The following is pulled out of an email I sent to my son on 4/2/03.

Chester is a border collie a bit larger than a big coyote.

A couple days ago we were returning through Martin Taylor's field and Chester was up ahead bouncing around in the alder and brush to the west on Stappy's property (these 20+ acre parcels adjoin us to the North).

He came running out of the brush with a slightly smaller brown dog a couple hundred feet ahead. But two more smaller ones came running out behind them. By the big brushy tails I immediately recognized them as coyotes with no good in mind for Chester. I yelled and went after them as they rolled Chester over. The two smaller ones ran back into the brush but the larger one hesitated as Chester headed my way. When Chester saw he had support he took out after him chasing him back into the forest.

He had an awful lot of coyote slobber on his ruff and was favoring one foreleg for a couple days but they didn't break any skin on him. Some scabs showed up on the back of his head a couple days later. He is fine now. Its a little scary.

I have noticed coyote scat on the trails and roads as we take our walks but didn't think they would pack-up and take on a full sized dog. We know of geese and goats that have been bothered (eaten might be a better term) and disappeared cats. Needless to say I pack the 22 now and keep Chester much closer instead of letting him range freely through our former Garden of Eden for dogs.

- Gary Noble Curtis


A "huge coyote" was seen Tuesday, May 7 off South Shore Road west of the Dick and Judy Hill place at about 8 a.m. Charlotte Clifton was walking with her son when the animal appeared in the field and "sized us up." Clifton waved her arms and the animal disappeared into the woods.

- Dan Lewis/Jill Brandsborg

Three were spotted 20 feet outside our front door (5001 Lewis Lane) in mid April and again two weeks later one was in our yard. They seem to be "making friends" with our two larger dogs and we're worried it's to get closer to our small dog, Zora, who we're
sure the coyotes want to eat for an appetizer. The coyotes do not seem to be afraid of humans at all.

Beginning of May I also spotted one running down the center line of Edens Road in front of Yadi Young's house.

- Jessica Lynch, Lewis Lane

We lost a pet cat to a coyote kill between 11 p.m. Monday night and 3 a.m. Tuesday, April 29th. We were awakened by the neighbor's dog barking and our own dog inside the house barking in return- our cats have had the use of a pet door at night. When we woke up the next morning we were unable to find the older of our two cats and the younger was very agitated and spooky.

We searched for Cammie to no avail, however when we drove down the driveway we spotted (her remains). At first we suspected a great horned owl, however in the immediate vicinity we found both a small amount of coyote hair and some fresh coyote scat. We are familiar with coyotes, having lived in far more wild and remote areas than Guemes, including most recently Wyoming. In over 25 years, with many cats in
far more hostile environments we have never lost one to a coyote - or any other predator.

This is to us a clear indication that Guemes has a severe coyote problem that must be addressed either by authorities or residents.

- David and Nancy Wehrly
South Shore Drive

Wiley Coyote sighting today at 11:30 a.m. corner of Holiday and Evergreen Lane. Animal proceeded west on Holiday up to top of big hill.

- Jeff Allen, Upland Drive

I spotted a coyote chasing a pair of Canada geese with four (formerly six) goslings across Cook's Cove at 8 p.m., May 12th. The geese and goslings got to the pond in time. As the coyote halted looking defeated, I rapped on the window, then shouted at him. He looked up; apparently he could hear me through the glass. He then went off along the side of the pond nearest our house (7623 Holiday Blvd.)

- Bernie and Jane Leitner, House-sitting for the Fryes

On or about April 10th we witnessed a coyote at 10 a.m. standing on a mound in our meadow approximately 150 feet south of our house. It was looking In the direction of our chickens and geese and stayed long enough for us to observe with binoculars. It trotted off toward Channel View Drive.

Today (May 17th) I saw another coyote heading west on Channel View Dr. It looked much thinner than the animal In the first sighting. I was walking two dogs and upon seeing us, It headed Into our property north of Notson's place.

We have lost two chickens over the past six months but believe they were killed by raccoons, which have also been observed.

- Jeff Allen, Upland Drive

PS: 11 a.m. May 17, third sighting on way to ferry on South Shore Road east of Win's place and Mary Scott's mobile standing on septic mound. Seemed to be larger and different from morning sighting.


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