Sue Roberts Sculpture

My main focus when working with the figure is capturing our unspoken words and thoughts through facial expression and body gestures. As people interacting with one another, we adopt an outward look or style to express ourselves, or who we want to be and how we want to be related to.

I’m more interested in what’s going on inside, because that is really how we feel and is what determines how we will ultimately interact with each other.

I leave it up to the viewer to create the story these figures are wanting to tell.

Hat Family, 23" x 16" x 13", Acrylic and encaustic on ceramic

Body Armor

Sheet Metal

24" H x 16" W x 16" D

I’ve always been drawn to flashy ball gowns and wacky clothing, and since I work in metal, I decided to do a series of garments using sheet metal and screen as fabric. I love the challenge of overcoming the rigidity of metal, bending and shaping it to mimic the soft folds and draping of fabric.

It has also been fun to see how ornate and animated I can make clothing in metal. As this series has progressed, the scale of the garments grew, and I found myself thinking about metal clothes as protective body armor.

This inspired me to make life-size clothing, such as a bustier with hinges and locks that can actually be worn. Now the garment is not only flashy and fun, but a potentially dangerous shield to those that stand a little too close!

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The Group, 21" H x 22" W x 32" D. Ceramic and encaustic. Figures available separately.

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