Leo Osborne Sculpture

Loving Embrace

27"x28"x14" Bronze

The original wooden maple burlwood sculpture of this bronze is available.


Loving Embrace

Born from her waters

ocean earth brother

still seeking wet depths

of my born again lover

sorcerers traveling along

with God’s grace

we will once again

be birthed

to our mother’s embrace

Feasting Waxings

From springtime


golden hues

and waxwings nip

it’s autumn fruits







Feasting Waxwings

Acrylic on Gold Leaf

28" X 24"


From earth elements

of crystal stone

and tree cocoon

emerging forms

of flora

flow outward into

avian shape shifting

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Maple Burl Wood, Indian Amethyst

11 ft. 8 in.

A bronze edition of this sculpture is available.

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