Mini-Houses in Anacortes

Mini-Houses in Anacortes

– Cost effective answer to the local housing crisis.

Question:  How can Anacortes provide low-cost housing options for our community?

Answer:  The “Mini-House”

Bud Anderson and Brian Scott  believe that there is an option to provide low-cost housing in Anacortes that is COST EFFECTIVE.  The concept is to change existing garage space into a separate, livable home.  By moving past the concept of living in a “Mega-House”, you can live simply, cheaply, and be super energy efficient.  The total construction costs is about 20% of new construction in addition to the facts that the long term utility costs become insignificant.  Bud & Brian are presently working on their third home in Anacortes with several others in the planning stages.

Presented by:

Bud Anderson, PE retired Electrical Engineer, owner of WA Electric, an electrical contracting company in Anacortes and a licensed Electrician in Washington.

Brian Scott, Carpenter, with 35 years of Carpenter experience remodeling and building new homes.

06:30 PM


Anacortes Senior Center, 1701 22nd St.