Soup Supper- Dr. Pinson 3 X Mercy Ship Volunteer

Dr. Ron PInson, a retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, will describe his three experiences aboard the Africa Mercy Ship.  Scott Pelley on 60 MIinutes said “You’re often reminded onboard that this is a Christian charity - a charity that treats patients of any faith.”  Since 1978, Mercy Ships have visited over 600 ports in 72 nations.  Everyone on board- officers, doctors, cooks-  are all volunteers.  Dr. Pinson has performed surgeries to remove disfiguring facial tumors, the likes of which we would never see here.  The country of Guinea, for example, with 12 million people, has only one maxillofacial surgeon. Dr. Pinson was born and raised in Anacortes; plus, he practiced medicine here for 37 years. Do come and hear this inspirational program.  Soup will be served at 6 pm, followed by the program at 7.  Everyone is welcome. 

06:00 PM


Guemes Church