Net Zero Houses

"Net-Zero" is not a perfect concept, but it seeks to balance dirty emissions with excess clean energy over the course of a year; the final impact to the planet should be neutral. Using solar electricity and efficiency measures, it is possible to make a new or existing house "net-zero-energy" at minimal additional cost today.  Come hear Kevin Maas describe what he has learned while developing a six-house net-zero community in Mount Vernon and also setting a course for net-zero-energy with an existing house.

Kevin Maas is an experienced developer of sustainable energy projects, with a deep understanding of the financial aspects of bringing concepts to reality.  His portfolio includes five manure-to-electricity digesters and an even larger number of community solar arrays.  Kevin lives in Mount Vernon with his family, where he is now working on sustainable housing.

06:30 PM


Anacortes Senior Center, 1701 22nd St.
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