Transition Fidalgo and Friends


Join Transition Fidalgo & Friends for a free presentation on Tuesday, July 31, at 6:30 pm at the Anacortes Senior Center, 1701 22nd St.

There are a wealth of industrious and often-overlooked insects out there that ensure our gardens are both beautiful and bountiful. Come learn who they are and how to provide them with the conditions they need to work hard for you. Virgene Link is a WSU Skagit Country Master Gardener volunteer educator and Anacortes resident with a passion for raising the profile of critters whose work in ensuring plentiful harvests and balanced ecosystems is often overlooked or disrupted.

Transition Fidalgo and Friends monthly meetings are open to all. For more information, visit

Note: our format has changed: we're focusing on our presentations and foregoing our communal suppers. We've also changed our start time to accommodate the 8:30 ferry. :-) 


06:30 PM


Anacortes Senior Center, 1701 22nd Street