Public Works/Ferry Committee New Ferry Meeting

Skagit County Public Works will meet with the Guemes Island Ferry Committee in early March, and the public is invited to attend. The focus of these meetings is the ferry replacement project. We hope to see you there.


Proposed Agenda:

Ticketing.  As we read the Glosten report, it is saying that making two runs an hour with the new boat will require more expeditious ticketing.  Is this a correct reading?  Assuming so, what can we do to facilitate the process?

Avoiding pricing folks off the Island.  We are concerned that tax increases and fare surcharges may price long-time residents of the Island.  Whatcom County has a needs-based discount program they say works.  Does something like this make sense for Skagit County?

Cost estimate for more modest project.  We sense a strong need to show that less expensive alternatives have been seriously considered.  Can we ask Glosten to provide a cost estimate for a 26 or 28 car boat with fewer rescue requirements?

Funding.  Any progress on other funding sources?  What is CRAB’s response to the funding proposal submitted in December?  What are the next steps and timetable with CRAB?  How involved will CRAB be in the remaining design effort for a new boat?  Will obtaining CRAB’s approval (say in April) in any way restrict future design flexibility (e.g., boat size, propulsion system)?  How many designs/propulsion systems were submitted to CRAB?

Frequency of meetings.  Is meeting quarterly sufficient to meet our needs?  Should we be guided by CRAB feedback?


02:00 PM


Anacortes Public Library, 1220 10th St. Anacortes