State Attorney General Sues Navy Over Increased Whidbey Jet Flights
The Attorney General’s Office asserts that the Navy’s environmental review process for the expansion unlawfully failed to measure the impacts to public health and wildlife in communities on and around Whidbey Island….The number of airfield flights would increase to nearly 100,000 annual take-offs and landings, for an estimated 30 years. [Read more]

Burn Ban In Effect
A modified burn ban for all residential and land clearing fires in unincorporated Skagit County will go into effect at noon Friday, July 12, and continue until further notice. [Read more]

George Park Remembers June 19, 1944
"George Park of Guemes Island was a quartermaster and helmsman aboard the aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill when, on June 19, 1944, a plane from the Imperial Japanese Navy tried to deal a death blow to the carrier and its squadron of Hellcat fighter planes..." [Read more]

Ferry Tales: Between A Rock And A Parking Space
Public Works: “We are aware of the boulders that were placed along South Shore Road by the [Guemes Island Store] property owners and are working with them to have them removed [t
he boulders are sitting on Skagit County's right of way]." [Read more]

July 2: "The property owner removed the boulders upon Skagit County's request. Skagit County installed the curbing to help re-inforce the load zone and no parking restriction that had been in place since 2003, and was being ignored. This was put in place as the available shoulder area does not provide adequate room for a vehicle to get out of the lane of travel when parked.

We have been reviewing the existing parking lot and have some ideas and thoughts that we think will increase parking spots. I also notified the Sheriff's Department last week, as I counted at least 7 unlicensed vehicles parked in the lot. As these vehicles are not licensed they could be considered abandoned vehicles and we could have them towed, but more than likely the vehicles will be ticketed and/or the owners contacted.  Additionally, the parking lot is signed 24 hour parking only, and we are also discussing how to better enforce that restriction to free up additional parking spaces."  - Skagit County Public Works

Remembering Rose Fraley

Consultants To Study Ferry Operations
BERK Consulting and KPFF will analyze  current and future ferry operations and service. The study will address staffing, ticketing, loading/unloading, vehicle queuing, parking and more. BERK and KPFF will work with the County ferry staff, the Guemes Island Ferry Committee and island residents. Two meetings with BERK and KPFF to discuss your ideas for ferry service improvement:

Public Works, Guemes Island Ferry Committee, BERK and KPFF
Meeting Agenda
  •  Ferry Operations and Service Analysis  • Appendix
Community Meeting With Commissioners, BERK and KPFF
Wednesday, July 17, 6 pm, Community Center, Meeting Agenda

Skagit County Announces Ferry Dock Repairs
"Phase 2, is expected to go to bid in June 2019, with construction anticipated to start in September 2019. This project will address a number of items on both docks, including the repair of the apron gusset plates, and replacement of the counterweight cables and sheaves, apron hinge pins, and headframe handrails, among other items." [Read more]

Again At The Bottom Of The Bridge Report
Skagit County Public Works recently released the 2019 Bridge Report. Despite assurances last year that repairs would be made, once again the Guemes Ferry Docks (both sides) are the lowest rated structures ("structurally deficient") in the County. Both have a rating of 24.1 out of 100.
The Baker Creek Bridge is the only lower rated structure at 20.9 and the next lowest is at 48.6. The concern for the dock on Guemes is the apron gusset plate which is badly worn and designated "failure critical", that is "a steel load path member in tension...whose failure would probably cause a portion or the entire bridge to collapse." -Bridge Report. Mr. Randall-Grutter explained that Skagit County has allowed both ferry docks to deteriorate due to "insufficient funds". Public Works says "hopefully next year." [2018]2019 Bridge Report

Notice of Development Decision: Sturgill
Notice of Development Decision: Souders

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 6.6.19

From Our Island Organizations

Guemes Island Historical Society

The 4th of July Parade

Chris LeBoutillier posted photographs of the 4th of July Parade in the Gallery