Guemes Ferry Is Back In Service
Friday, March 22: "After successful sea trials, the Guemes Ferry departed Foss Shipyard at approximately 2 pm, and is headed to Anacortes. She will be back in service Saturday, March 23, at 6:30 am. Skagit Transit shuttle service will continue tomorrow, March 23, from 7 am to 5:30 pm.
     This morning, Skagit County crews removed all temporary street signage, so if you are parked in the ferry holding lanes or any other temporary spaces, it would be best to move your vehicle as soon as possible."

Skagit Transit Shuttle Schedule

Remembering Bill Mitchell
Celebrated artist and lifelong resident of Anacortes and Guemes Island, “Wild Bill Mitchell” had major ties to Guemes Island through his Grandfather, Bill Bessner, an early ferry owner and captain serving Guemes Island. An auto accident claimed his ability to walk and he was confined to his wheel chair for 48 years. This allowed him to turn his focus to his art and set him on a course that will continue to grace Anacortes and Guemes Island for years to come. [Read more]

Celebration of All That Was Bill Mitchell
Saturday, April 6, 2pm, Anacortes Port Transit Shed.

Ferry Tales: Who Is The New Ferry For?
(Hint: It’s not you and me.) According to Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt: Impatient millennials, demanding value, in Suburbans with all their stuff, towing boats in Summer, after all the old people on the shorelines die off. [Read more]

New Ferry Designed To Carry 28 Cars
Tuesday, February 26, a motion was made by Commissioner Wesen to approve moving forward with the 28-car ferry design. Chair Janicki seconded the motion.The vote passed on a 2-1 vote with Commissioner Dahlstedt dissenting. A 28-car ferry will be 18 feet shorter (than the 32-car design) and $2.8 million cheaper.

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 2.28.19

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