A Year Without A Contract
"The Crew been bargaining for a fair contract for over a year and Skagit County is ignoring the true cost of living...All members of the crew must live within twenty minutes of the Guemes Terminal to be ready in case of medical or other emergency..." [Read more]

Remembering Peggy Swendsen
In 1979, Peggy opened Stanwood Women's Clinic, where she attended to the healthcare needs of generations of women, primarily in the Stanwood/Camano area. For 37 years, Peggy generously gave of the time, skill and compassion. She often warned new patients that her office looked more like an antiques store/gallery than a clinic and that she might be wearing two or three pairs of glasses at any given time...[Read more]

Skagit Land Trust Protects Kelly’s Point
The immense bluffs, coastal forest, and marine shoreline of Kelly’s Point have been conserved by Skagit Land Trust. Over 450 families, businesses, and organizations donated towards the $1,380,000 purchase that conserved the property on the southwest corner of Guemes Island...Skagit Land Trust will manage the property as one of its conservation areas. [Read more]

On The Real Capacity Of A Bigger Ferry
After Ms. Rowe and Mr. Randall-Gutter failed to respond to our questions on just how they planned to load 32 cars in the same amount of time they now struggle to load 21, Commissioner Ron Wesen stepped in to answer. Plus, tell us your choice for scheduling a larger ferry.
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Fight The Ferry Tax!
There are currently two bills in the Transportation Committees of the Washington State House and Senate that will modify the law to allow Skagit County to create a Ferry Taxing District of Guemes Island. We have set up an email that you can sign and send to the Joint Transportation Committee, urging changes to the bills that would grant us a vote on the creation of the district or require any ferry taxing district be county-wide. Please read, sign and send. [Read more]

Comment On The Proposal For A New Guemes Ferry
Mr. Millikan begins with a comment that a Guemes-only ferry tax is unfair because it "is based on property value not on ferry use." [Comment]

Ferry Committee Supports Senate Bill 6354
"Senate Bill 6354 provides relief to the County from the requirement that it create a ferry taxing district." [Read more]

New Ferry? If So, How To Finance It?
"...fairness and equity would require implementation of a two-tier rate schedule.  Property owners should be provided with a base fare predicated on maintenance and operation (M&O) costs only, while non-owners’ rates should address M&O as well as a capital improvement component..." -Mark Spahr  [Read more]

Storm Shifts Shorelines
February 06, 2006: Beginning early Saturday morning and continuing throughout most of the day high tides and strong winds took back part of the shoreline all around the island. Tidewater Road became a no way street. Logs and debris washed ashore blocking off access to the parking lot from Tidewater Road. [Read more]

March 9, 1988: A spill of up to 300 gallons of a bunker diesel fuel oil washed up on the southern shore of Guemes Island Sunday, March 6, the result of a Saturday fuel-loading accident at the Port of Anacortes dock. - Anacortes American

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 2.6.18

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