Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report 2019
"The year 2018 was a fairly typical year for ferry operations, with the exception that there was no scheduled haul-out. In spite of several unanticipated maintenance outages, operations and maintenance (O&M) expenditures were under budget by 4%…The 2019 fare box revenue is not projected to meet the revenue target. However, it is too early to tell if the projected shortfall will be accurate.” Comments can be submitted via mail or email to Rachel Rowe, Ferry Manager. [Read more]  •  2019 Draft Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report

Guemes Ferry Parking Lot Fence Replacement
"Public Works crews will replace the wooden fence along north end of the Guemes ferry parking lot starting Thursday, April 11. Crews and equipment will need access to the northern end of the lot during the work, so we’re asking folks not to park there on April 11, and again at the end of the month..." [Read more]

Ferry Committee Election Results
"Votes in the Guemes Island Ferry Committee election were counted at the Community Center of Saturday afternoon, April 6. The results were John Hopkins 223 votes, Steve Orsini 131 votes."

Guemes Island Water Proposals Advance
County commissioners voted March 19 to consider two proposals relating to Guemes water issues this year. The proposed changes affect well drilling on the island and make it easier to install rainwater catchment, say Hal Rooks and Steve Orsini, two members the Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee, which submitted the proposal to the county... [Read more]

Remembering Ria Foster
"When she arrived in Anacortes she asked a gas station attendant where the “ferry” was. He directed her to the Guemes Ferry dock. Surprised that such a small ferry serviced the San Juans she soon learned her mistake when she arrived on Guemes and was told she had taken the wrong ferry. Since it was late in the day it was suggested that she could park the trailer at the county park on the north end of the island for the night and head to the San Juans in the morning. She and the kids ended up staying there for 3 weeks. Having spent an idyllic time on the beach, meeting families and making new friends... she decided that she didn’t want to go back either." [Read more]

Ferry Tales: Who Is The New Ferry For?
(Hint: It’s not you and me.) According to Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt: Impatient millennials, demanding value, in Suburbans with all their stuff, towing boats in Summer, after all the old people on the shorelines die off. [Read more]

Notice: Windward Group Setback Reduction Approved

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 4.9.19

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Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee

Monday, May 6, 2019
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In The Gallery: Guemes Island Wildlife