Hearing Examiner Approves Xylene Permit
The county issued a shoreline substantial development permit for Andeavor's project to produce 15,000 barrels a day of mixed xylenes to ship to Asia. [Read more]

Skagit Land Trust: Saving Kelly's Point
Skagit Land Trust has partnered with community members in a fundraising effort to purchase and permanently protect Yellow Bluff and Kelly’s Point (the immense bluffs, undeveloped coastal forest and over 3,000 feet of marine shoreline) on the southwestern corner of Guemes Island. [Read more]

Glosten Presents Ferry Concept Design
Glosten presented preliminary ferry designs and cost estimates to the Board of Commissioners Tuesday, November 21. "Replacing the Guemes Island Ferry with an electric vessel may cost $9.3 million more than going with a diesel ferry...although  the costs of operating and maintaining an electric ship are expected to be “substantially lower” than that of a traditional diesel vessel. Glosten is weighing five propulsion systems, ranging from all-electric to traditional diesel to a plug-in hybrid…Overall construction estimates range from $16 million to $27 million." Skagit Valley Herald

Glosten's Slide Presentation To Commissioners

Video Of Glosten's Presentation To Commissioners

Glosten's Ferry Capacity Study

New Ferry Propulsion Scoring Tool
Jon Hodgdon, a naval architect assisting Skagit County, put together an Excel spreadsheet to more easily play with Glosten’s Weighting Factors and Cost charts for a new ferry's propulsion options.

Whever You Go There You Are 
[8.28.2011]  The cave paintings of Lascaux, the pyramids of Giza, the giant heads of Easter Island, who created these mysterious works? Fog lifted Sunday morning to reveal yet another mysterious creation sure to stand alongside these wonders - a strange yet delightfully playful group of totems by the Guemes Island ferry dock. Who created them? What esoteric purpose do they possess? [Read more]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 12.11.17

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