Guemes Ferry Is Back In Service
"Skagit Transit will continue to provide shuttle service on Guemes Island through Sunday, October 26, 2014. On behalf of Skagit County I’d like to send a big thank you to Arrow Launch, Skagit Transit, and our Ferry Crew for their outstanding service!  I would also like to thank our ridership for their patience during this year’s haul-out." - Captain Rachel Rowe

The expiration date on punch cards will be extended an additional two weeks for all car and driver punch cards. This means that all punch cards purchased prior to October 25, 2014, and stamped with an expiration date of September 24 or later, will have a 45-day extension on the expiration date.

Remembering “Butch” Krieger

Navy Flight Increase EIS Scoping Meeting
Thursday, October 30, 4-8 pm, Anacrotes High School Cafeteria
. Public meeting on plan to "continue and increase the existing VAQ operations at NAS Whidbey Island’s Ault Field and OLF Coupeville; Increase VAQ capabilities and augment the training squadron by adding up to 36 aircraft..."

Ferry Tales: Expecting The Unexpected
"Adventure is just bad planning." - Roald Amundsen   [Read more]

Join The Community Center Board
Nominations are open to November 6. Contact

Growing and Harvesting Wheat On Guemes
"Years ago, I was discussing pie crusts and bread making with an 80 year old psychology colleague who grew up in the Dakotas, “back in the day.” He chuckled and said that baking from scratch is fine, but think about times when people grew their own wheat and ground it into flour . . . now THAT is baking from scratch!..." [Read more]

Anderson's Store Response To Open Forum
"This is a follow-up as promised to the Community forum regarding Anderson's General Store on September 20th...." [Read more]

Guemes Ferry Trail Project Update
The Guemes Trail Committee...has gathered over 500 signatures of support from potential trail users as well as islanders who see this trail as a needed and worthy project... a formal proposal...was submitted June 2014. After a meeting with the county...plans and...a trail Inventory...were submitted in September... [Read more]

Remembering Barney Killorin

Beware Telephone Fraud Attempts
"On 9-6-14, the victim had received a phone call from a male caller who advised he was from 'Windows" and he needed access to the victim's computer to fix it. The caller installed a virus on the victim's computer and then demanded $300 to unlock the victim's computer. There were two other Fraud cases from Guemes Island..." [Read more]

The Guemes Island Directory And Phone Book
Now you can make additions or changes to the Guemes Directory (online) or the Guemes Phone Book (print) through one form: Directory and Phone Book Changes

Leo Osborne has added a wonderful painting and sculptures to the shop.

LineTime has long wanted to celebrate and promote the artists and craftspersons of Guemes Island and we found a way that benefits them and island organizations. We will continue to add to the shop and add organizations to the donation list, so stop by often. [Made By Guemes]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 10.1.14

From Our Island Organizations

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