What Do You Do If Your Car Stalls On The Ferry?
Failing to start, a Prius and its driver rode back and forth on the ferry for four hours until AAA could assist. The Ferry Manager explains why. [Read more]

Becoming A Mother Hen
"Having never been the owner of anything more than fish, a hamster that I froze to death accidentally on my cold back porch as a youngster, and a beagle, I was a bit nervous about owning and raising farm animals..." [Read more]

The Best Chili On Guemes Island
The Community Center's recent Chili Cook-Off was a great success. 65 Islanders tasted and voted on chili provided by 10 entrants. The winner was “Yak Chili”, a joint effort by Mary Jo (the chili) and Tom Andrak (the beans). Sally and Herb Smith  provided the Yak burger. Rumor has it that there will be a second annual contest in 2016. It's not too early to begin.

Ferry Docks Rated Structurally Deficient
"The Guemes Island and Anacortes Ferry Docks/Landings were downgraded to structurally deficient (SD). First, I would like to assure you that both are safe for travel by the public...." [Read more]

Island Groundwater Issues Public Meeting
Thursday, March 26, 5 pm, Community Center. Representatives from the Skagit County...will be on hand to talk about the seawater intrusion issue and present a draft update of the County's seawater intrusion policy... [Read more]

Marijuana Farm Operating Without Permits
Skagit County finds: "Construction of buildings without building permits...Construction of an 8-ft fence without a building permit...Operation of a marijuana production or processing facility in the Rural Reserve zone in violation of Skagit County Ordinance 020140009... [Read more]

Remembering Jim Kager
Born on Guemes Island in 1925, Jim worked with his father and mother on the farm...When electrical power started to come to Guemes, he worked with Doc Finley and John Ervine on the powerlines....a kind, gentle, generous man... [Read more]

Remembering Roz Glasser
"Roz was very involved in activities on Guemes that focused on preserving the natural environment and rural character of the island. She became a key member of the Guemes Island Planning Advisory Committee and was influential in drafting the Guemes Island Subarea Plan and working for its adoption." [Read more]

Ban On Marijuana Grow Proposed For Guemes
On February 12, 2015, Skagit County Planning Department posted a Memorandum on proposed ordinances that constrain marijuana operations elsewhere in the county but ban them outright on Guemes Island... [Read more]

LineTime has long wanted to celebrate and promote the artists and craftspersons of Guemes Island and we found a way that benefits them and island organizations. We will continue to add to the shop and add organizations to the donation list, so stop by often. [Made By Guemes]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 3.3.15

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