Guemes Ferry Public Forum
Saturday, April 28 1:30pm, Community Center
. CRAB board funding update (with a [Guemes Island taxing] ferry district...50% of the project cost... $10 million...Without a ferry district ... 30% of the project cost... $7.5 million), SEPA review update (Draft Assessment), 28-car ferry preliminary cost estimate ($7,605,000 less), vessel replacement surcharge, Ferry Fare Revenue Target Report. [Read more]

Surprise Coast Guard Inspection
On Firday, April 13, in the middle of the 2pm ferry run, the Coast Guard pulled the Guemes Ferry out of service, insisting that an immediate inspection of the ferry must be done, causing significant disruption to riders for several hours. We asked Rachel Rowe why: "We inadvertently missed an inspection, and upon being notified by the United States Coast Guard (USCG), they had us return to the Anacortes dock until they could dispatch an Inspector....:  [Read more]

No Ferry Taxing District - $7.5 Million Ask
"The Board of County Commissioners clarified to CRAB on April 19 that they did not intend to form a ferry district..." [Read more]

Ferry Tales: Pushing Rope
Commissioner Janicki, "As my logger husband would say, “You can’t push a rope,” and a $26 million ferry feels a bit like pushing a rope right now." [Read more]

The Guemes Island Twitch
"...The folks I know who hang their hat/On Guemes Island's shore,/Are island people through and through;/Guemesians to the core./No matter where they're at or what/They're doing you will note,/One eye is focused on their watch,/The other on the boat...."  - Poem by Al Cooper [Read more]

Report: New Ferry Surcharge Public Hearing
The Anacortes American reports on the hearing: "The commenters at the public hearing asked the commissioners to consider other funding sources and to not put too much pressure on those living on the island. “I already find the fares prohibitive,” resident Robin Mari said. She said the increase would have a significant impact on those living on the island who have to go back and forth to Anacortes."  [Read more]

Island Cleanup Day
Saturday April 21, 12-3 pm,
Schoolhouse Park. Lend a couple of hours to help keep our island shores and roadways pristine!  [Read more]

Commissioners Propose 'Vessel Replacement' Fee
The Board is considering implementing a County vessel replacement surcharge of $1.00 per adult passenger fare sold, $0.50 per senior/youth/disabled passenger fare sold, $1.00 per motorcycle fare sold, $2.00 per vehicle fare sold and $5.00 per oversize vehicle fare sold [May 20]. Frequent user punch card prices would be adjusted and discounted accordingly.... Peak car and driver cash fare- $14... 2019 Projected Surcharge Revenue - $245,931.... [Read more]  •  [Proposed Fare Schedule]

County Answers Questions On The Surcharge
"...If the remaining funds are not found and a new ferry not built, will the surcharge funds be returned to us?...." "No. We know that we will have to build a new ferry sometime in the next decade..." [Read more]

Report On The Ferry Committee Meeting
The Anacortes American covers the recent  public meeting: "The Guemes Island Ferry Committee held the meeting Saturday to discuss information from Skagit County, to outline options and to hear from island residents about all proposals. ”The decisions made in the next year could have a great impact on this island,” committee member Steve Orsini said." [Read more]

Ferry Committee Reports On Meeting To Commissioners
"You will see that we presented a rough calculation regarding the part of the costs for which funding is not currently available and for which fares might need to be increased to pay that portion of a bond. We explained this is not the County’s preferred outcome, and we knew the $11 figure might be inflammatory.  But we decided to present it nonetheless because it reflects the current status of the Project’s documentation, and it offers a sense of the amounts of money involved.  [Read more]

Vessel Design Clarification
"...The documents we delivered to the CRAB board are concept design documents (30% design) and prove that we have a viable concept, that we need to replace our ferry, and that we have a reasonable plan to fund it. If we get CRAB funding, we can still modify the vessel design - we can adjust size, propulsion and more..." [4.4.18]  "...If we are unable to secure the CRAB funding, we will have some decisions to make about next steps which could include re-evaluating all of our options...."- Captain Rachel Rowe  [Read more]

Resurfacing Guemes Island Roads This Summer
That growing mountain of gravel at the park? All those County dump trucks in the ferry line? Public Works intends to chip-seal these roads: Channel View Drive, Edens Road, Guemes Island Road, Paradise Lane, Salmon Run Road, Section Avenue, Tidewater Road, Totem Trail, West Shore Drive, West Shore Road

Ferry Tales: Aerobically Exercise
The County says we need a new boat - the Guemes is too old and worn out to last much longer. Comparatively speaking, the Whatcom Chief that serves Lummi Island, is 16 years older, runs daily approximately every 20 minutes until midnight....[Read more]

“Do we even need this new ferry at all?”
:  "Guemes resident Glen Veal, who spent more than 30 years on the Guemes Ferry Committee, said he has done extensive research to show that the county is wasting money and resources on the push to have the electric ferry.....If [CRAB] funding is received and Skagit County can come up with the rest of the money, it can move forward on that plan, Rowe said. If not, it will have to investigate other options, such as improving the current vessel." [Read more]

A Year Without A Contract
[UPDATE, MARCH 29] "On Tuesday, community members, firefighters and other union sisters and brothers spoke out before the Skagit County Commission for safe and healthy Guemes Island families through retention of trained, nearby ferry workers"

[UPDATE, MARCH 19] "The County did respond by REMOVING the 20 minute response instead of an increase. This bothers all of us from a providing a service standpoint. While this might be fine in the short term, eventually, the response for emergency/after hour call outs will get longer and longer as fewer people remain in Anacortes (within 20 minutes of the terminal)."

"The Crew been bargaining for a fair contract for over a year and Skagit County is ignoring the true cost of living...All members of the crew must live within twenty minutes of the Guemes Terminal to be ready in case of medical or other emergency..." [Read more]

On The Real Capacity Of A Bigger Ferry
After Ms. Rowe and Mr. Randall-Gutter failed to respond to our questions on just how they planned to load 32 cars in the same amount of time they now struggle to load 21, Commissioner Ron Wesen stepped in to answer. 
[Read more]  [Current Results]

Planning and Development Decision: LeMaister Variance

Living With Coyotes
[9.13.2003] "Most of us have chosen to be on Guemes Island because we love its beautiful environment and the wild creatures that live here. We even put up with the plentiful deer, in spite of their appetite for our favorite garden ornamentals. But what about coyotes?:"  [Read more]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 3.20.18

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