New Ferry Surcharge In Effect August 1
Commissioners voted Monday, June 18 to add the surcharge to take effect August 1. Expiration of vehicle punch cards extends from 90 to 120 days and the fee for bicycles is eliminated. [Read more]

Surcharged Fare Schedule [pdf]

Marine Survey Of Guemes Ferry
Issued March 2018. "However, after inspection of subject vessel, we are of the opinion that it has had continued superior maintenance and upgrading and has resulted in a 13-years or 32.5% Remaining Useful Life..."  Marine Survey of Guemes Ferry  [PDF]

Remembering Iris Sherman
The family will be holding a ceremony to honor her life Monday, July 2 on Guemes Island. Details will be announced as plans are finalized.

Ferry Lines, Parking and Ticketing Report
"The result of the queuing analysis yielded an average queue of 62.9 vehicles in the [year] 2060 peak hour at the Anacortes Terminal…The estimated additional parking stalls required to meet the 2060 peak hour demand at the Anacortes Terminal in the 2060 Peak Hour is 59 stalls…At the Guemes Island Terminal, the required additional parking stalls to meet the 2060 peak hour demand is 96 stalls…." Guemes Island Ferry - Land Facilities Impact Study  (pdf)

New Ferry: 'No Significant Adverse Impact'
"The lead agency for this proposal has determined that it does not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment..." [Read more]

Again At The Bottom Of The Bridge Report
Once again the Guemes Ferry Docks (both sides) are the lowest rated structures in the County. Nothing seems to have been done to address those issues last year due to "insufficient funds”. "We have received federal funding through the Federal “Ferry Boat Program”...The County’s intentions are to start repairing or addressing these issues starting in 2018 and finishing up in 2019." [Read more]

Christmas Lights
6.17.1948] "Christmas tree lights will sparkle for many Guemes Island residents this year, according to an announcement made this week by Allen R. Veal, president of the Guemes Island Improvement club. Electricity to the south end of the island is already assured with the raising of over $10,000 to acquire wire and cable sufficient to connect with the facilities of the Puget Sound Power and Light company on the mainland.

Electricity to the North Beach and the west side will become available if enough property owners are interested to raise about $200 each for additional wire, Veal said. … The wire must be ordered before July 1 or it will not be available for use before 1950, Veal warned." - Anacortes American

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 5.22.18

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