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Skagit County would like to know just how much more you'd be willing to pay in ferry fares to eliminate the midday service gap, add later evening runs, or buy a ticket online? Tell Them

Crude Oil Spill Into Fidalgo Bay
"At 11:30 pm on Friday November 15, a release of crude oil from a Crowley Maritime Corporation barge while docked at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery was discovered. Operations were immediately halted, the source of the barge leak was contained and response activities commenced….Initial estimations are that approximately 20 gallons of crude oil spilled from the vessel onto the barge deck, with approximately 5 gallons reaching water….a containment boom was in place around the barge during the oil transfer.” [Read more]

Handmade Chocolates, Wood Carvings, Ceramics, Ornaments Jewelry, Cards, Watercolors, Wreaths, Weaving and Much More, plus Baked Goods and Homemade Soup [Read more]

Between Eden and Oz
Life On Guemes Island 1990-2010
246 pages with photos and illustrations. Introductory price of $19.95. Proceeds benefit LineTime and other Island organizations. "Reading this brought me pleasure and an education. I learned a great deal about people both familiar and unfamiliar to me, and about the island’s history and culture. And there is some very good writing in here." —Nick Allison 
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Internet Options On Guemes Island 2019
San Juan Cable recently announced the discontinuation of television services in January 2020. While they will continue to offer internet service, we took the opportunity to update our information and add a note about television programming, although we have not addressed the reliability of these services. [Read more]

Fire and Explosion in Ferry Battery Room
Norwegian authorities are warning shipowners and operators about the dangers associated with lithium-ion battery systems after a fire and subsequent gas explosion on board a diesel-electric ferry in Norway. [Read more]

Cooke Wants To Resume Fish Farming
Washington State revoked Cooke Aquaculture's license when their Cypress Island net pen collapsed in 2017 and released over 300,000 non-native Atlantic salmon into local waters. Now Cooke Aquaculture is applying to raise steelhead and rainbow trout at its remaining facilities near Rich Passage and Skagit Bay, but may expand to Cypress Island. To comment on the SEPA No. 19056 proposal by [extended to] November 22, email SEPAdesk2@dfw.wa.govSEPA Documents

Deer Hunting Seasons
Archery: November 27-December 31. Any deer.
Muzzleloader: November 27-December 15. Any deer.
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Skagit County Announces Ferry Dock Repairs
"Phase 2, is expected to go to bid in June 2019, with construction anticipated to start in September 2019. This project will address a number of items on both docks, including the repair of the apron gusset plates, and replacement of the counterweight cables and sheaves, apron hinge pins, and headframe handrails, among other items." [Read more]

Again At The Bottom Of The Bridge Report
Skagit County Public Works recently released the 2019 Bridge Report. Despite assurances last year that repairs would be made, once again the Guemes Ferry Docks (both sides) are the lowest rated structures ("structurally deficient") in the County. Both have a rating of 24.1 out of 100.
The Baker Creek Bridge is the only lower rated structure at 20.9 and the next lowest is at 48.6. The concern for the dock on Guemes is the apron gusset plate which is badly worn and designated "failure critical", that is "a steel load path member in tension...whose failure would probably cause a portion or the entire bridge to collapse." -Bridge Report. Mr. Randall-Grutter explained that Skagit County has allowed both ferry docks to deteriorate due to "insufficient funds". Public Works says "hopefully next year." [2018]2019 Bridge Report

Notice of Development Decision: O'Neil

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 11.1.19

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