Has The County Neglected The Ferry Docks?
When is the repair work scheduled to be done on this issue and other priority 1 items?...the 22.86 [out of 100] sufficiency rating of both ferry docks...suggests the condition of the ramps is not far enough from failure...And why the items for repair (like the hinge pin) on the bridge report five years ago are still on the 2016 report?  [Read more]

Public Hearing On Tesoro Xylene Project
Thursday, November 2, 9 am, 1800 Continental Place, Mt. Vernon. Tesoro plans to produce 15,000 barrels per day of xylenes and to supply “cleaner local transportation fuels.”  This would add five additional vessels a month to local traffic and a “Vapor Combustion Unit” connected from the dock to an upland facility. [Read more]

Guemes Ferry Public Forum
Thursday, November 2, 5:30 pm, Community Center.
With Skagit County Commissioners, Public Works and Glosten, discussion regarding ferry operations, Guemes parking lot project, ferry replacement project.

Betty Crookes Guemes Gold Scholarship
It was 26 years ago that Betty Crookes presented her vision to the Guemes Women’s Club, to start a scholarship program for Guemes Island High School Juniors and Seniors. [Read more]

Cooke Offered Money For Lummi’s Silence
Timothy Ballew II, chairman of the Lummi Indian Business Council: “Perhaps we should take this opportunity to recap how we got to this place. You failed to ensure that your facility was operated in a responsible manner. You failed to comply with your Aquatic Lands Lease. You failed to comply with the provisions of your (Ecology) permit and you failed to comply with your Fish Escape Prevention Plan. And then you attempted to blame the spill on high tides associated with the solar eclipse. Do you really think that you are in any position to question our veracity?… To be perfectly clear, the Lummi Nation is not willing to be muzzled for an additional $12 per fish.” [Read more]

Remembering Betty Curtis
Betty was an accomplished musician, playing for the Community Church on Guemes Island for many years.  [Read more]

The Dog Island Dogs
Ken Hansen, [former] chairman of the Samish Tribal Council, said the Indian name for Guemes Island translates into English as Dog Island….Dogs were raised as a source of wool for their weavings...the breed is now extinct.... [Read more]  •  [Image]

Burke Museum: Rare woolly dog hair found in Coast Salish blanket

Off-Peak Season Schedule and Fares In Effect
Off-Peak Season Ferry Schedule
  •  Off-Peak Season Fares

Remembering Dick Iversen
In the past 4.5 years, [he] flew 62 missions for over 160,000 miles and served nearly 200 soldiers and their families as volunteers for the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) organization.* The Colonel flew every mission; he was not only a command pilot, but as flight coordinator, he would communicate with the veterans and families before and after each flight. Dick's wife Jan prepared special order inflight meals for crew and passengers to ease their journey.  The Colonel sat with the soldiers to hear their incredible stories of courage and recovery.  The Iversen’s provided short retreats for several veterans in their Guemes Island guest house by the beach.... [Read more]

Guemes Valley Preserved
Sarah Werner donates 127 acres of land in Guemes Valley to the Skagit Land Trust's Guemes Mountain Conservation Area. [Read more]

Some Days It Just Goes From Bad To Worse  
This is not a photo of a poor launch concept well executed but the result of cascading failure"  [View]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 9.29.17

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