Full Burn Ban In Effect County Wide
UPDATE: As of Monday, June 29:  "Due to the decrease in fuel moisture levels, the long range forecast for extended heat, available fire resources, and the proclamation by the State Governor, the Skagit County Fire Marshal’s Office is putting on a full burn ban. Campfires will be prohibited until further notice....Governor Jay Inslee has declared a State of Emergency for all Washington Counties due to the large fire potential. He also has strongly urged people to not use fireworks and find other ways of celebrating the Fourth of July holiday..." [Read more]

Guemes Trail Project Receives $2000 Grant
 "Good news for Guemes Island and Ferry Trail supporters. The Committee applied for and was awarded a grant from Anacortes Parks Foundation..."   [Read more]

Dog Island Dog Days Dog Show Returns
Saturday, August 15, Schoolhouse Park. Registration opens. [Read more]

Miller Marijuana Farm Ceases Operation
"On April 9, 2015, Mr. Shaw...agreed to discontinue marijuana production and processing operation... I performed a site visit ... and confirmed that there are no marijuana plants left on the property..." [Read more]

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Up In Smoke: Moratorium On Guemes Marijuana Operation

Frontier Expands Broadband Service On Guemes
Frontier Communications is making broadband technology available to residences and businesses in the community of Guemes Island starting June 30... to deliver Internet speeds of up to 24 Mbps for residential customers...[Read more]

A Cougar Prowling Guemes Island?
Rumors that a cougar prowls Guemes Island have been circulating. Someone posts a flyer purportedly showing cougar tracks. The Guemes Tide runs the story. After reviewing the poster and article, Ms Milner comments:
I sent it to our state cougar specialist who agrees it’s a cat... it could be a house cat, bob cat or cougar...Basically, if there is a cougar on Guemes, it’s an oddity that will sort itself out. Unless it were to show itself and exhibit some kind of threat, such as not being leery of people or killing livestock or pets (with credible evidence of a cat kill, versus dog packs or coyotes) we wouldn’t do anything about it...So, like Sasquatch, we should keep an open mind, but not expend too much energy on the possibilities." - Ruth Milner, WDFW District Wildlife Biologist.  [Read more]

LineTime has long wanted to celebrate and promote the artists and craftspersons of Guemes Island and we found a way that benefits them and island organizations. We will continue to add to the shop and add organizations to the donation list, so stop by often. [Made By Guemes]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 6.24.15

4th of July Parade

Rakan AlDuaij posts his collection of photos of this year's parade. [View more]

From Our Island Organizations

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