Schoolhouse Park Soccer Field Vandalized
"Vandals left great gaping tire tracks fully 6"-8"  into the topsoil sod of the soccer field and baseball field..." [Read more]

Breakwater Wave Wall Repair Underway
Improvements to the breakwater wave wall at the Anacortes Terminal will include removal of creosote timber piles, hanging timbers, and timber walers from shoreward end of existing breakwater; installing new steel walers and vertical plastic timber to the breakwater wave wall. There should be no interruptions to ferry service during the project.

GIPAC Prepares Our Defense
The Guemes Island Planning & Advisory Committee (GIPAC) has prepared and sent to the Skagit County Planning Department two memos addressing Seawater Intrusion and Land-Use issues on Guemes for inclusion in the County’s 2016 Comprehensive Plan update process...What can you do? [Read more]

Groundwater Issues On Guemes Island
Land Use Issues On Guemes Island

The Hydrogeology of Guemes Island
In 1995, U.S. Geological Survey published "Hydrogeology and Quality of Ground Water on Guemes Island." "Ground water is the sole source of freshwater for Guemes Island...the population is increasing rapidly...the potential for sea-water intrusion is great because parts of the island's two major aquifers are below sea level...and most wells are in near-shore areas..." [Guemes Island Ground Water Report][Guemes Island Ground Water Maps]

County To Study Feasibility Of Electric Ferry
Tuesday, December 29, the County Commissioners passed Resolution R20150428, directing Public Works to analyze the feasibility of an all-electric ferry...and “to pursue funding for vessel replacement at the federal, state and local level..." [Read more]  [Video of presentation on electric ferry design concept]

Presentation On Electric Ferry Technology
Tuesday, January 19. A presentation to the Commissioners was made on the vanadium flow battery technology proposed for an electric ferry. [Read more] [Video of presentation]

On Studying An Electric Ferry
"Commissioner’s...would not be funding the first electrified ferry in the state of Washington...agreed to spend $150,000 on an electric ferry feasibility study that is tardy and not well informed... - Tom Fouts  [Read more]

Response To Comment On Electric Ferry
"The proposed ferry would be the first battery powered vehicle ferry in North America. There are already maybe a dozen small passenger ferries around the country...." - Joe Payne, ESSI Marine [Read more]

LineTime has long wanted to celebrate and promote the artists and craftspersons of Guemes Island and we found a way that benefits them and island organizations. We will continue to add to the shop and add organizations to the donation list, so stop by often. [Made By Guemes]

Guemes Island Property Sales  LAST SALE: 1.21.16

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